Glock 35

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With its extended barrel and line of sight, the GLOCK 35, in .40 caliber, allows for accurate hit patterns, especially when rapidly firing at multiple targets. This has resulted in widespread adoption of the G35 among members of the practical shooting community. The G35 dominates the Limited Class of competitive shooting sports worldwide.

8 reviews for Glock 35

  1. Marie

    my favorite pistol brand Glock

  2. Arnold

    thanks package came in last night much love from FL

  3. Filipe

    best pistol Glock 35

  4. Brooklyn

    had a one day delay on my order thanks it came in about 3 hrs ago much love from NY

  5. Peter

    premiumarmsplug is the best weapon dealers i know much love from MD guys

  6. Patrick

    Pistol received from OR much love

  7. Maxwell

    most reliable gun dealers i have come across

  8. David

    much love from SC

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